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Weather-related damage to solar assets exceed modeling expectations by 300%

The report from kWh Analytics, with input from several industry leaders, identified 14 risks to be aware of in the solar industry, including risks related to extreme weather, such as hail, and operational risks.

June 12, 2024 Ryan Kennedy

3 November 2023
A project supported by Princeton University called Net-Zero America has figured out five different ways the United States can stop putting out harmful gases that cause climate change. They found these ways using technology we already have. Now, instead of just wondering if we can do it, we can talk about how to do it and decide which way is best for the country and everyone involved.

Princeton University- backed project Net-Zero America: Potential Pathways, Infrastructure, and Impacts
The Net-Zero America research quantifies five distinct technological pathways, all using technologies known today, by which the United States could decarbonize its entire economy. With multiple plausible and affordable pathways available, the societal conversation can now turn from “if” to “how” and focus on the choices the nation and its myriad stakeholders wish to make to shape the energy transition.

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14 de setembro de 2022


Esta fotografia mostra os painéis limpos em uma asa após a lavagem forte versus os painéis não limpos com dois anos de acúmulo de sujeira.   Há um revestimento opcional que aumenta a coleta de energia que pode ser usado, mas a lavagem periódica ainda é necessário. 


20 de maio de 2022

Tempestades geomagnéticas representam ameaça potencial aos sistemas de energia do Exército 

PorWilliam Croisant, ERDC-CERL e Ned Shepherd, USACE Northwestern Division

Publicado em 6 de fevereiro de 2014

Corpo de Engenheiros do Exército dos EUA

Fiery Sun
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